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IN ENGLISH No asylum
 November 7th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
One refugee, who described the violent deaths of five members of his family, was told by a migration official: “But you weren’t killed, so why did you become a refugee?”
IN ENGLISH The burden of "Euro-tourism"
 September 14th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Solt-Murad Epindiyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Europe’s response has been tough: in 2007 the majority of asylum seekers from the Caucasus had their applications rejected. Benefits have been cut to subsistence level, which helps to screen out those who have come in search of an easy life.
IN ENGLISH The refugees' cannon
 August 2nd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Rashid Bogatyrev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
If the Arabs spent all day sipping coffee and smoking in the shade of the trees, and the Somalis meditated for hours to the sound of their melodies, the refugees from the former Soviet Union were in painful search of adventure.
IN ENGLISH In photos: rally in memory of Natalya Estemirova
 July 25th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Aleksei Litvintsev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
People taking part in a rally in Moscow's Novopushkinsky Park on July 23 to remember the murdered human rights activist Natalya Estemirova.
IN ENGLISH The house where Jack hid
 May 31st 2009 Prague Watchdog / Leonid Ruzov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
It is possible that the magic transformation was also brought about by the fact that the Chechens have been forced to withdraw all their vitality from the political sphere and hide it behind an impenetrable wall of family life.
IN ENGLISH Three years of secret talks between Kadyrov and Zakayev. What were the results? (interview with Akhmed Zakayev)
 November 29th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
There is no split. The Chechen émigré community shares by and large a single platform of an independent Chechen state, and minor misunderstandings can be overcome.
IN ENGLISH In God we trust (interview with Andrei Smirnov)
 September 18th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
We are projecting our own fears onto Muslims, fears which have historical roots in our own culture. Islam has never known a Church.
IN ENGLISH "In glory is perdition" (interview with Azamat Dzhendubayev)
 August 25th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Prophet said that in asceticism is glory, and in glory is perdition. He meant that even on the path of asceticism, certain attributes of righteousness and virtue do not bring benefit to the soul.
IN ENGLISH “Kadyrov's involvement must be one of the theories....” (Interview with Oleg Orlov, chairman of the Memorial Human Rights Centre)
 July 22nd 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
As far as the time frame is concerned, we can’t say exactly when our work will resume. It may happen very quickly, but in order to take our decision we will have to carefully consider all the circumstances.
IN ENGLISH "Our possibilities are endless..." (interview with Dokka Umarov)
 July 6th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Shamil did not have the possibilities I have right now. We are experiencing such an influx of manpower that, if Allah allows me, there will be a result. I think I will even be conducting a slightly larger number of operations.
IN ENGLISH Corruption in Chechnya (interview with Jonathan Littell)
 May 18th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
"The Chechens want to be able to work and earn money without it all going into the pockets of Ramzan and his entourage. But I wouldn’t say that they want any radical change."
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IN ENGLISH Death in Europe (weekly review)
 May 5th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Part of the blame lies with the refugees themselves, since when they apply for asylum the vast majority of them do not tell the truth, and claim to have been members of the resistance.
IN ENGLISH A marriage made in heaven (weekly review)
 April 28th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The only changes in the license to kill have involved its extension from the territory of the war, first to Russia and then to the whole planet.
IN ENGLISH The evolution of terror (weekly review)
 April 7th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The final stage in the development of the new terrorist strategy should be viewed as having been reached in late 2009, with the bombing of the Nevsky Express passenger train on November 27, in which 27 people died.
IN ENGLISH Chechnya – school of courage (weekly review)
 March 18th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The problem is that the remaining checkpoints, which "outwardly resemble fortresses", "surrounded by barbed wire and minefields”, continue to mark Chechnya out as a territory of war, beyond the Chechen leadership’s full control.
IN ENGLISH The cancer ward (weekly review)
 March 3rd 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Putin's promise to “flush the extremists down the toilet” has been fulfilled a hundred times, if not more. But if his recent words are anything to go by, the new President appears less certain of a positive outcome.
IN ENGLISH Interviews with the Amir (weekly review)
 February 17th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Such threats to “destroy Russia” were almost de rigueur at the time, and were a genre adopted by many, though not often in a coherent form.
IN ENGLISH The truth of the facts (weekly review)
 February 10th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The only indisputable fact is that five spetsnaz commandos were killed, and seven wounded. What is more, the outcome of the battle suggests that there must have been rather more insurgents than the nine claimed by Kadyrov.
IN ENGLISH The games that tyrants play (weekly review)
 February 3rd 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
"In 2009 the number of terrorist crimes in southern Russia rose by about half compared to 2008, with 544 incidents reported... Most of this type of crime is committed in the Chechen Republic "
IN ENGLISH The lame duck president (weekly review)
 January 27th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Kadyrov’s success in the role of manager has been called into question. The Islamist fighters launched large-scale operations in Ingushetia, Dagestan and Chechnya, and adopted a new terrorist strategy.
IN ENGLISH The Caucasus "Czar" (weekly review)
 November 18th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Those entrusted with responsibility for the North Caucasus have included crooks, statesmen of solid reputation, and inscrutable envoys who left behind not even a memory of themselves.
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IN ENGLISH North Caucasus terrorism and the search for funding
 May 27th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Dmitry Shlapentokh
The proliferation of terrorist activity in the North Caucasus may be deeply connected with the jihadists’ attempts to acquire additional funds, which they badly need.
IN ENGLISH The West's approach to the Caucasus
 May 25th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Valery Dzutsev
A stable political settlement in the South Caucasus can only be quickly achieved by a decisive change in the West’s approach.
IN ENGLISH War without end
 May 2nd 2010 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Markedonov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The "emir" takes responsibility for the attacks, creating the impression of a powerful underground state whose citizens are "welded by a single purpose and connected by a single goal".
IN ENGLISH The Sochi Winter Olympics and the Caucasian Islamist cause
 April 1st 2010 Prague Watchdog / Benjamin Shapiro
Umarov praises this region, declaring that "Krasnodar Krai, as the infidels call it, is in fact the land of our brothers, the best Muslims in this world, the land of the Adygs, the land of the Abazins, the land of the Circassians."
IN ENGLISH Russia's Caucasian fate
 March 29th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Kurbanov
The region’s irreversible “Salafization” is leading to an increasing number of young men completely switching off from Russian information media and moving to an alternative space that exists in mosques and online forums.
IN ENGLISH A new turn in the Kremlin's Caucasus policy: from "governor-general" to "successful management"
 March 2nd 2010 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Markedonov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
If we accept the thesis that the era of the governor-general is now over in the North Caucasus, it would be useful to gain some idea of the range of policy instruments that are available to a top Caucasus envoy in the “post-governor-general” era.
IN ENGLISH Why does Islam have no future in Russia?
 January 25th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Iskander Dzhalid · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Russia’s rulers tell the muftis who can or cannot be considered a Muslim, and the Good Muslim can only be one who agrees with the policy of the state.
IN ENGLISH A project for the manager from Krasnoyarsk
 January 22nd 2010 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The crisis-ridden background of the North Caucasus is formed by the deep dissatisfaction of its peoples with their lives. Most of them believe that they have been treated unfairly.
IN ENGLISH What is the future of Islam in Russia?
 January 19th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Abdullah Rinat Mukhametov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Over time common sense, which debunks the utopias that inevitably turn everything into an Afghanistan or a Somalia, will be joined by the theologically sound alternative of "creative jihad”.
IN ENGLISH Ossetian-Ingush optimism - will it last?
 January 16th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Oleg Kusov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
All the signs are that Moscow will not try to aggravate the internal situation in the republic by encouraging the return of the Ingush refugees, and will likely turn a blind eye to the fact that the process has once again failed.
IN ENGLISH The Argun hydroelectric scheme
 August 29th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
I wonder what area is going to be flooded? Even though it is uninhabited now, I would not like the village where my grandfather and his two brothers grew up to fall within the flood zone.
IN ENGLISH Let's kill a generation
 August 14th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Tanya Lokshina · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
People already crushed by Natasha’s murder knew that she would not be last. And yet it had seemed self-evident that after her death there would be a pause, a breathing-space.
IN ENGLISH Some remarks on a strange article...
 August 14th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Tomáš Vršovský · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
We believe that everyone has an absolute right to freely express their point of view, and we offer our pages to people who hold different views (including those that do not coincide with our own).
IN ENGLISH Was the attempted assassination of Yevkurov the prelude to a coup?
 July 1st 2009 Prague Watchdog / Avraam Shmulevich · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Today, the Ingush will do anything to resist being reunited with Chechnya. And in any referendum they would vote for continued separation – otherwise problems worse than those of Kiev and Tehran would be ensured.
IN ENGLISH One year on - annals of the Kremlin's decadence
 May 9th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Andrei Babitsky · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
All the crimes were devised and rationalized before Kadyrov – he is merely following a path that has already been laid down, and is carefully tracing the outline drawn in his student notebook by a cruel instructor.
IN ENGLISH The Kremlin's European "alibi"
 April 29th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Imagine that the remains of a man are found who upon forensic examination turns out to be an abducted resident of the republic, with a specific name, address and stolen life. At once the question arises: who abducted him?
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IN ENGLISH Hello Sochi!
 April 30th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
It turns out that there never was any decades-long resistance by the mountain tribes, that their villages were never burned down, they were never driven out by force, and General Zass with his trunkloads of Circassian skulls never existed.
IN ENGLISH Zero casualties
 April 15th 2010 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The commanders tried to minimize losses among Russian soldiers and officers. This led to the bombing and shelling, the tactic of not tackling the enemy head-on, but of blockading it and destroying it remotely. Along with casual spectators.
IN ENGLISH The list is incomplete
 April 8th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The hallmark of a terrorist act is violence directed against those who cannot defend themselves, and the securing of certain preferences by means of it.
IN ENGLISH A naive killer
 March 22nd 2010 Prague Watchdog / Magomed Toriyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Ibrahim Yevloyev is an Ingush, and all his efforts to evade the mountain law by which the Ingush have lived for a thousand years will ultimately bring no benefit either to himself or to his relatives.
IN ENGLISH Killing the will for justice
 March 12th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Now the question is: will the "special unit" whose creation was announced by Alexander Bastrykin in Grozny yesterday be allowed to investigate cases in accordance with the law, without regard for politics?
IN ENGLISH The day of hatred
 February 24th 2010 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Absolute power is sustained by irrational fear. It must periodically surprise and suppress its subjects by manifestations of infinite cruelty.
 February 18th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
These statements and others give a clear idea of the aim of the governments of all the republics of the North Caucasus today. Their function is mainly to provide a cover for the interests of the Russian security agencies.
IN ENGLISH Three Chechens
 February 11th 2010 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Chechen state of "Ichkeria" had little chance of survival. In the aggressive environment of Russia's presence in the Caucasus, that chance grew more slender with each passing month, until it came to nothing.
IN ENGLISH Caucasus 2012 (part 2)
 January 29th 2010 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Specific situations are more difficult. If a man puts on a suicide belt and blows himself up at a crowded bus stop, then for what sort of faith and truth did he kill all those people?
IN ENGLISH Bloodied but unbowed
 January 24th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The scheme worked until the Chechens found their way into it. They recognized neither "grandfathers" nor "spirits", nor even the officers, sometimes.
IN ENGLISH Orientalism versus Imperialism - the Caucasus versus the North
 July 17th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Kirill Kobrin · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
This valuable territorial acquisition had only one drawback – between Russia and Georgia lay the Caucasus, unbowed, alien and restless.
IN ENGLISH Soldiers of failure
 June 17th 2009 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A man who is untrained will not behave appropriately. He will be a coward when he needs to be brave and cruel, and an executioner when he needs to be calm and merciful.
IN ENGLISH The Russian Chechens
 May 20th 2009 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Vikings did not aim to conquer the Chechens. They became Chechens. Just as they became Russians in Rus, and Frenchmen in France.
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 February 20th 2010 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The government in this scenario would be a group of adventurers with a smattering of ancient Arabic and a slightly better knowledge of the Rules for the Handling of Small Arms and Explosives.
IN ENGLISH Irreconcilables
 February 15th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Yusuf Ibrahim · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Today people are accustomed to the notion that the majority is always right and that the minority must obey it. But this formula has been concocted by the minority that holds power in order to delude and control the masses.
IN ENGLISH Commissioner's justice
 November 30th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Hammarberg’s speech boiled down to a justification of Russia's leadership. According to him, blame for the killings and abductions in the North Caucasus lay at the door of the extremists.
IN ENGLISH Unity as a pledge of victory
 September 27th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Niison Lich · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The followers of Islam must themselves take steps to overcome internecine strife, and this is what Akhmed Zakayev seeks.
IN ENGLISH The Russian Caliphate
 September 17th 2009 Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Having renounced Communism, Russia has found itself facing the Caliphate unarmed, with its ideological pants down: money-grabbing, private interest and the worship of material prosperity have not proved a winner in the game of ideas.
IN ENGLISH Suicide as a tool of political assassination – four theses
 August 22nd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Harun Sidorov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The era of terror and suicides, the cultivation of nihilism and political necrophilia, is also the era of endless defeats for the Muslims.
IN ENGLISH Don't bring the curtain down yet, gentlemen!
 August 20th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The resistance needed a man whose well-groomed beard suggested no link with the wild facial hair of the suicide bomber.
IN ENGLISH The London Agreement
 August 20th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Lyoma Gudayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The London meeting was an unprecedented step forward in the search for peace and mutual understanding towards which Chechen society, until recently shattered and divided, is now moving.
IN ENGLISH Mission impossible
 July 14th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Gligashvili · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Chechens’ attempt at independence was not connected with the quest for freedom. As in Russia, but much more vigorously, the space won back from the empire (whether Soviet or Russian) was appropriated by the agents of chaos and enslavement.
IN ENGLISH Russia's "highland customs"
 June 29th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
If in what is happening in the republic today there is some kind of tradition, it is certainly not a local one. It is a Russian tradition, continued with minor modifications from Imperial times through the Soviet period to the present day.
IN ENGLISH The republic of beauty
 February 13th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Khasukha Magomadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
- This is a factory for the production of heroin and other hard drugs. It’s new - the opening ceremony was only the other day. And this plant produces automatic weapons for export. -
IN ENGLISH Aldy – a case still open
 February 5th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Memorial · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The film we present is dedicated to the massacre in the village of Novye Aldy on February 5, 2000. This incident was one of the most terrible and bloody pages of the war in Chechnya.
IN ENGLISH Novye Aldy – before and after
 February 5th 2010 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
What Russia’s military did in Novye Aldy was nothing unusual or untypical. It did not represent the height of their brutality and judged by their normal standards it was not a supremely wicked act.
IN ENGLISH Novye Aldy Petition
 February 5th 2010 Russian NGOs · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A group of Russian NGOs has started an online petition addressed to Russia's Prosecutor General in connection with the 10th anniversary of the massacre at Novye Aldy.
IN ENGLISH The turn of the screw
 December 7th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Khasukha Magomadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Suddenly there was a loud clang. The train seemed to slow down, and the coaches at the rear fell over on their side. Like matchsticks the trees on the slope lay down beneath the rapidly descending avalanche of metal.
IN ENGLISH Through a glass darkly
 November 20th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Khasukha Magomadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
On the driver’s side the window came down. Vakha looked inside. The driver's face was half-concealed by a white mask. The face of the woman passenger was also obscured – by the end of a trailing headscarf.
IN ENGLISH Recognition
 September 3rd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Khasukha Magomadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
“We’ve fought for a long time against international terrorism. And we’ve fought for Russia’s territorial integrity. But we’ve never fought for independence. And we haven’t asked for it."
IN ENGLISH Suicide attack
 August 28th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Khasukha Magomadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Vakha and Yusup sat behind a concrete fence near the crossroads where the “cubicle” checkpoint was, scrutinizing everyone who approached and trying to work out if they were suspicious or not.

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