PoliticsA collection of miscellaneous news, political comments, reports, interviews with politicians involved in the conflict, that are an evidence of never-ending but so far fruitless attempts to find a political solution to the Chechen conflict.

Newly added and regularly updated is a collection of articles and statements which are putting Chechnya in the context of the terrorist attacks at the US. The link to it can be found in the right upper yellow box on our homepage.
IN ENGLISH Parliamentary elections in Chechnya
 November 30th 2005 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
An updated collection of our articles on the parliamentary elections in Chechnya scheduled by Moscow for November 27, 2005, as well as a brief chronology of previous votes held in the republic.
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IN ENGLISH What changes await Chechnya? (weekly review)
 April 20th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The image of the great builder such as mankind has never known before must be constantly reinforced by hundreds and thousands of foundation pits for new construction that have been dug across the whole republic.
IN ENGLISH A war of survival (weekly review)
 April 14th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Kremlin is afraid to put Chechnya completely in Kadyrov’s hands, even though it is prepared to meet his wishes where the lifting of the basic restrictions is concerned.
IN ENGLISH The “golden gun” of Adam Delimkhanov (weekly review)
 April 6th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The most shocking aspect of this story is the audacity and cynicism of the assassination’s organizers, who were absolutely certain of their impunity and did not consider it necessary to destroy the traces of their involvement in the case.
IN ENGLISH Battle at the murder scene (weekly review)
 March 30th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The perpetrators may have been motivated by a very large monetary or other reward. But even from a very rough description, the sequence of events seems highly unusual.
IN ENGLISH “Wherever we went, we were constantly harassed.” Letter from Anzor Maskhadov
 March 9th 2009 Anzor Maskhadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
When we refused to return to Chechnya, open threats began to arrive: "If you do not return, Anzor, then you and your family will not escape death."
IN ENGLISH The "mop-up"* of Europe (interview with Magomed Ocherhadji)
 March 6th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Khalidov is embarrassed, he’s suffering, doesn’t want to see anyone. You can also sense that religious faith plays a major role in his repentance, as if he’s already seeing himself face to face with God.
IN ENGLISH The discrediting of Ichkeria (weekly review)
 February 23rd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Having brought together in one room a few dozen of his recent enemies among the Ichkerian field commanders, Ramzan Kadyrov made them systematically trample in the mud not only their former comrades-at-arms, but also themselves.
IN ENGLISH Zakayev's appearance on the Chechen stage indefinitely postponed (weekly review)
 February 17th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
It looks as though the chances that the London recluse might earn an amnesty in the event of his return are really not very great.
IN ENGLISH Licence to kill
 January 22nd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Gligashvili · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The right to eliminate opponents is granted only to special units operating with the support of the Russian law enforcement agencies.
IN ENGLISH Kadyrov’s Arab diplomacy (weekly review)
 December 22nd 2008 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Russia has made Chechnya a sort of window on the Middle East. For Arab kings, sheikhs, emirs and other oriental rulers a meeting with the leader of the former rebel territory is a mandatory item on their agenda in Russia.
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IN ENGLISH Foreign Minister: bin Laden could be in Caucasus
 February 17th 2002 Associated Press
IN ENGLISH Russian Governor Claims There Are Al-Qaeda´s Envoys in Chechnya
 February 15th 2002 RIA Novosti
IN ENGLISH Russia: War Ideas Weaken Coalition
 February 13th 2002 Associated Press
IN ENGLISH Yastrzhembsky: Russia says will talk to Chechens on its terms
 February 12th 2002 Reuters / Tara FitzGerald
IN ENGLISH U.S., Russia at Odds Over War on Terrorism
 February 3rd 2002 Reuters / John Chalmers
IN ENGLISH Yankees, Go to Chechnya! - Russia has been shown the way it is to be done
 January 25th 2002 Nezavisimaya Gazeta / Vladimir Georgiyev
IN ENGLISH Moscow negative about Akhmadov's visit to U.S. State Department
 January 24th 2002 Interfax
IN ENGLISH Dmitry Rogozin Accuses European Parliamentarians of Support for Political Extremists in Chechnya
 January 23rd 2002 RIA Novosti / Leonid Kokovich
IN ENGLISH Putin in Paris: Russia in Chechnya is the same as U.S: in Afghanistan
 January 15th 2002 Polish Press Agency
IN ENGLISH West admits: Chechnya is Russia's internal problem
 January 4th 2002 / Dmitry Litvinovich
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IN ENGLISH The president of dead bears
 April 23rd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Magomed Toriyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
No one is able to explain what is going on in Ingushetia. The killing is universal: it is wiping out Russians and Ingush, clerics and businessmen, not to mention employees of the Ingush interior ministry and FSB, and insurgents.
IN ENGLISH Putin is not the master of his country (interview with Leonty Byzov)
 April 17th 2009 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Russia is moving along its own tracks in accordance with the principle of inertia, and it’s extremely difficult to intervene with a plus or a minus, or any indicator at all.
IN ENGLISH Kadyrov’s acrobatic etudes (weekly review)
 March 24th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Some details of the meeting were so extraordinary that they provided an instant insight into the essence of the profoundly Asiatic nature of the relations between the “white” ruler and his “coloured” vassal.
IN ENGLISH Ingushetia revisited
 March 2nd 2009 Prague Watchdog / Valentin Tudan · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
It is absolutely obvious, however, that Yunus-Bek Yevkurov feels himself to be a man of the state, and will never make a break with the Russian legal system of the kind that his Chechen counterpart, Ramzan Kadyrov, has made.
IN ENGLISH Not the time for a hero
 December 16th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Magomed Toriyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
In the Caucasus bravery verging on insanity is valued and respected more than intelligence and prudence. All that Yevkurov needs is a demonstration of lofty madness, not its actual embodiment.
IN ENGLISH The hero’s non-return
 November 24th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Akhmed Ozdoyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The fact that Yevkurov has hired people from Aushev’s team is of no significance at all. What really matters is whether he has a mission for the “team”, whether he is ready to protect the village.
IN ENGLISH An idealist in general’s stripes
 November 19th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Magomed Toriyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
In Ingushetia it is being said that Yevkurov has brought the police a little bit of courage.
IN ENGLISH Operation search and destroy
 October 31st 2008 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Gligashvili · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Yunus-Bek Yevkurov's appointment means that a new model has been chosen, one which uses the Chechen experience. Instead of deploying in the houses and streets, abducting people, his men will go into the forests and mountains with weapons in their hands.
IN ENGLISH Dagestan: the justice deficit
 October 29th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Tamara Magomedova · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Among those who have gone to the forest, there are many of very high social status, individuals who are successful and have brilliant prospects.
IN ENGLISH The rout of the Ingush opposition
 October 22nd 2008 Prague Watchdog / Alexander Voron · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The increasing pressure on opposition politicians demonstrates the direction in which the authorities plan to move. As in neighbouring Chechnya, it is likely that lawful, public protest will soon be totally banned.
IN ENGLISH The Kremlin-staged election of the President of the Chechen Republic
 October 6th 2003 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A list of PW's articles and other documents covering the election.
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IN ENGLISH Maskhadov: West not fooled by Russia
 February 14th 2002 Reuters / Peter Graff
IN ENGLISH Statement of President Maskhadov
 February 11th 2002
IN ENGLISH Chechen Official Backs U.S. War on Terrorism
 February 9th 2002 Washington post
IN ENGLISH The Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI, Ilyas Akhmadov, to the United States of America continues
 February 4th 2002 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI
IN ENGLISH Putin said to exploit U.S. war
 January 24th 2002 The Washington Times / David R. Sands
IN ENGLISH "Chechens in Afghanistan" Deliberate Falsification
 January 14th 2002 Shamil Daghestani
IN ENGLISH The Kremlin Makes Arrangements to Intensify the Struggle with Terrorism!
 January 12th 2002 Chechenpress / R.Tarnavsky
IN ENGLISH Chechen MP asks USA for help to fight Russian terrorism in Chechnya
 January 9th 2002 Chechenpress / A. Amayev
IN ENGLISH Chechens deny their republic is bin Laden pawn
 December 9th 2001 Chicago Tribune / Reese Erlich
IN ENGLISH Pro-Russian Chechen Government: Khattab´s presence in Afghanistan misinterpretation
 November 24th 2001 RIA Novosti
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IN ENGLISH Obama is a pragmatic idealist (interview with Brian Whitmore)
 November 7th 2008 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
There have been personal contacts between Putin and Bush, there’s been a so-called “friendship”. But what did we get out of this – Russia and America? Nothing.
IN ENGLISH Realpolitik as the matrix of contemporary fascism
 September 6th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Usam Baysayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
We are saying goodbye to the iron logic of the inviolability of borders, which was never really observed very much in insignificant parts of the world, but which in the case of a major nuclear power no one ever dared to call into question.
IN ENGLISH Don't write Russia off yet!
 August 29th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Markedonov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
If the Russian state is able to conduct an effective campaign against corruption and the privatization of power, it will not collapse like a house of cards.
IN ENGLISH An empire on the verge of collapse
 August 27th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Sergei Gligashvili · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
It looks as though Russia may turn out to be the principal victim of a new world order, or – more precisely – disorder.
IN ENGLISH "Chechnya Day" in Vienna
 September 12th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Tomas Vrsovsky · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The programme of events attracted the attention of dozens of people of different nationalities, ages and occupations, and acquainted them with the situation of Chechen refugees in Austria, Chechen history, culture, traditions and cuisine.
IN ENGLISH Czech MEPs condemn ongoing pressure on Russian-Chechen Friendship Society
 January 25th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Tomáš Vršovský · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
"Putin has proved that he doesn’t know how to deal with the silent democratic majority; his policies have become those of radicalization and fundamentalism," said MEP Hybaskova.
IN ENGLISH Two sides of the Georgia-Russia conflict
 November 16th 2006 Prague Watchdog / Dr. Dmitry Shlapentokh
The current pressure on Georgians and other ethnic groups from the Caucasus has two roots: Russia’s conflict with Georgia and internal developments in Russia proper.
IN ENGLISH Trapped in Azerbaijan
 June 4th 2006 Prague Watchdog / Azer Azizbekov
In the absence of legal recognition from the local government, the Chechens are entirely dependent on help from their relatives abroad plus a handful of programs carried out by various humanitarian agencies.
IN ENGLISH Two Chechnya documentaries awarded at human rights festival in Prague
 March 10th 2006 Prague Watchdog / Tomáš Vršovský · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Coca: The Dove from Chechnya depicts the efforts of Chechen women led by Zainap Gashayeva to document human rights abuses and the international community’s weak response to the atrocities of the Chechen war.
IN ENGLISH Chechen war and eroding democracy in Russia criticized during Putin's visit to Prague
 March 3rd 2006 Prague Watchdog / Tomáš Vršovský
Human rights advocates rebuked Russia for its policies in Chechnya. "War, it seems, is hiding a return to autocracy," wrote a group of international thinkers and former politicians.
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IN ENGLISH U.S. Wants to Help Georgia with Al Qaeda Problem
 February 20th 2002 Reuters / Elaine Monaghan
IN ENGLISH US congressman: US can learn from Chechen war
 February 18th 2002 Associated Press
IN ENGLISH Chechens are victims of the war on terror
 February 17th 2002 Toronto Sun / Eric Margolis
IN ENGLISH US targets al-Qaida hideout in Georgia
 February 15th 2002 The Guardian / Ian Traynor
America wants to train forces on ground to root out Islamists
IN ENGLISH U.S. Seeing Chechens Russia's Way - May Be to Putin's Chagrin
 February 14th 2002 STRATFOR
IN ENGLISH US: Afghan terrorists hide in Georgia
 February 11th 2002 Associated Press
IN ENGLISH Chechnya´s tragedy
 February 6th 2002 The Washington Times / Editorial
IN ENGLISH The West and Chechnya: The diplomacy of Realpolitik
 February 5th 2002 / Chris Kline
IN ENGLISH Malaysian Prime Minister asks for international definition of terrorism
 January 29th 2002 Associated Press
IN ENGLISH Tiptoe diplomacy
 January 28th 2002 The Washington Post / Fred Hiatt
IN ENGLISH Referendum on a new Chechen constitution causes contradictory reactions
 February 26th 2003 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
An updated collection of articles connected with the referendum on a new Chechen constitution, which is scheduled by Moscow for March 23, 2003.
IN ENGLISH Chechen resistance leader Aslan Maskhadov killed
 April 18th 2005 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 

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