It is not easy to obtain objective information on the events in Chechnya as there is a lot of propaganda coming from both sides of the conflict and the access of journalists to the conflict area is also difficult. In this section of our website you can find analyses and reports on the obstacles faced by journalists covering the Chechen conflict and on the problems faced by consumers of media reports on Chechnya.
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IN ENGLISH Prague Watchdog's articles on Anna Politkovskaya
 October 8th 2007 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A list of articles on the slain Russian journalist we have published since her contract-style killing that took place in Moscow on October 7, 2006.
IN ENGLISH Nazran hosts events in memory of Anna Politkovskaya
 October 8th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Tomas Vrsovsky · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
On Sunday October 7 Ingushetia’s largest city hosted two events in memory of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was murdered one year ago.
IN ENGLISH Czech Syndicate of Journalists appeals to Russian authorities to cease intimidation of journalists
 May 21st 2007 Czech Syndicate of Journalists · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Czech journalists' association is concerned on hearing the news that the Russian Union of Journalists has been given notice to leave the Moscow offices in which its headquarters are.
IN ENGLISH Prague remembers Anna Politkovskaya
 March 21st 2007 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A public reading from a new book by murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya was held in Prague on Tuesday, organized by the Berlin-based Peter Weiss Foundation for Art and Politics.
IN ENGLISH Brussels memorial party honors Anna Politkovskaya
 November 2nd 2006 Prague Watchdog / Ivo Šír
Book excerpts and articles by the slain Russian journalist were read during the event, which was also attended by several Belgian celebrities.
IN ENGLISH Czech journalists response to Politkovskaya murder
 October 14th 2006 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
"Turning to the use of guns is the worst possible means of resolving disputes and is often used by those unable to verbally explain their actions," says the journalists' letter to the Russian ambassador.
IN ENGLISH Prague's Forum 2000 honors Anna Politkovskaya
 October 12th 2006 Prague Watchdog / Tomáš Vršovský
"We want friendship with Russia, but that requires openness, otherwise it would be a false friendship," said Václav Havel during the discussion.
IN ENGLISH Remembering Anna Politkovskaya
 October 8th 2006 Prague Watchdog / Tomáš Vršovský
Anna has paid the ultimate price for her job. This courageous woman, by telling the truth, induced fear in the powers-that-be.
IN ENGLISH Absorbing and Conveying Disasters
 September 3rd 2006 Petra Procházková · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: CZECH 
Showing shocking news today has become very difficult, primarily because everyone is so sated with hearing about foreign disasters and tragedies.
IN ENGLISH Mop-up in Nazran-based Chechen NGO
 January 12th 2005 Prague Watchdog / Timur Aliyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Several men in camouflage and masks, armed with sub-machine guns and shields, broke into the Center’s premises. Making the male journalists lie down on the floor and the women stand against a wall, they began to insult them.
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IN ENGLISH Chechnya as a media event or Two views of one country
 February 6th 2006 Prague Watchdog / Karel Trepes · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: CZECH RUSSIAN 
In the Russian media and their approach to Chechnya, it is easy to see why the Kremlin took Lenin’s advice that movies are the best propaganda tool. But today, in the 21st century, a similar tool is television.
IN ENGLISH Beslan Mysteries
 July 5th 2005 Prague Watchdog / Vladimir Voronov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Even many months after the tragedy neither the investigation, the court, nor a parliamentary commission can provide an explanation of what actually happened.
IN ENGLISH Printers in Ingushetia refuse to print Chechen newspaper
 January 28th 2004 Prague Watchdog / Timur Aliyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The refusal was based on the paper’s mentioning a possible merger of Chechnya and Ingushetia, about whose continual coverage Ingushetia's government is concerned.
IN ENGLISH Chechen Media and the Presidential Elections
 October 27th 2003 Tamerlan Aliyev / CJES · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A report on Chechen media in the run-up to the presidential elections in Chechnya, which were organised by Moscow on October 5.
IN ENGLISH Appeal to the journalists and public figures who recognize the need to stop the war in Chechnya and to start political peace negotiations
 October 4th 2002 Viktor Popkov Information and Analytical Centre · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
"By calling upon you "to correct names" we thereby ask you to abandon double standards, to stop hidden propaganda and hidden justification of the war."
IN ENGLISH Links to information resources on Georgia
 September 15th 2002 Prague Watchdog
In view of the recently escalated tension between Russia and Georgia, we hand-picked 10 links to online resources on Georgia.
IN ENGLISH Tracing the Chechen Trace (updated version)
 December 28th 2000 Prague Watchdog
World media coverage of the November hijack of a Russian airliner flying from Makhachkala to Moscow
IN ENGLISH Tracing the Chechen Trace
 November 17th 2000 Prague Watchdog
World media coverage of the weekend hijack of a Russian airliner flying from Makhachkala to Moscow
IN ENGLISH Survey of the Russian Regional Press, October 1-31, 2000
 November 13th 2000 Prague Watchdog / Oleg Panfilov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
How the Russian press in regions (outside Moscow) covers the conflict in Chechnya
IN ENGLISH Survey of the Moscow and Dagestani Press - Sept 28 - Oct 12, 2000
 October 18th 2000 Prague Watchdog / Oleg Panfilov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The Trial: "The State vs. Andrei Babitsky"

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