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The Kremlin Makes Arrangements to Intensify the Struggle with Terrorism!

An appropriate decree has bee signed by Vladimir Putin on Friday. According to the document, the Russian special services and force structures should take a series of measures forestalling the possible terrorist threat, and promote the introduction into criminal legislation of the country of necessary changes providing, in particular, the special responsibility for deliberate granting or raising of funds by the citizens of Russian Federation " with the intention or at comprehension that these means will be used for commitment of the acts of terrorism".

The President of Russia ordered to ensure urgent blocking of means and other financial actives or economic resources of the persons, who commit or try to commit, or contribute to the commitment of the acts of terrorism.

According to the mentioned document, the Russian authorities should refuse refuge to those people who finance, plan, support or commit acts of terrorism.

The most interesting place in the decree is the item, which proclaims the necessity of struggle of special services with application of communication technologies by the terrorist groups. Why? And that is why...:

The representatives of State administration of Ichkeria as well as President of the Chechen Republic Aslan Maskhadov are persistently qualified as terrorists by the judicial and other instances of Russia’s State power. Following the logic of the Kremlin officials, Russian military-men, and their "assistants" such as Kadirov, Gantamirov and others, the independent Chechen journalists asserting the right of the people to self-determination and considering the Russian military presence in Chechnya an occupation, also are the accomplices of the terrorists. Similarly, although I am not Chechen, it seems that I get in this category of the Chechen journalists.

So, taking an opportunity and apprehending any unforeseen turns in my destiny, I beforehand declare openly: " I do not support any kind or form of terrorism. Neither cutting heads of the Russian prisoners of war and kidnapping of people for the ransom, nor mass punitive actions of the federals concerning the peaceful population are acceptable to me. At the same time, I completely share the position of the supporters of the Chechen statehood, according to which the State of Ichkeria has all rights to independent existence. Like my Chechen colleagues, I am sure that no geopolitical considerations can form the basis for the forced liquidation of the Chechen statehood. I am also convinced that nobody in the whole world has the right to forbid any people the aspiration to define the form of their statehood. Proceeding from this, I am the supporter of the immediate termination of the Russian occupation in Chechnya and carrying out of the referendum among all inhabitants of the republic to ascertain the consideration of the people for the state status of Ichkeria. Once again, I would like to repeat that I am neither terrorist, nor supporter of the terrorists!"

As to the new Decree of the President of Russia, I assume that the military clique and special services of this country, in close union with the Russian court subordinated to them, will ensure the "appropriate" free treatment of this document, resulting in sufferings of many innocent citizens.


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