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The Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI, Ilyas Akhmadov, to the United States of America continues

The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI, Ilyas Akhamdov, to the United States continues, with the purpose to draw the attention of the government and people of America to the continuing Russian policy of genocide against the Chechen nation. Ilyas Akhmadov met with political and public figures, with governmental and non-governmental organization of the USA. Key themes of the visit are the necessity of a political solution of the war in Chechnya, to reveal the nature of the Russian propaganda which asserted the presence of Chechen fighters in Afghanistan, and the necessity of increasing the political and diplomatic pressure on the Russian leadership.

During the last two weeks, the Minster of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI had meetings with representatives of the US State Department, with members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, with the US Council for External Relations, with humanitarian and legal organizations, with people from leading American publications and tv-companies, as well as with the American public.

On 23 January, at the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI, the represenative of the US State Department confirmed that the USA don't have any confirmation whatever of the presence of one single Chechen in Afghanistan. This was also confirmed at the meetings of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI with other US state institutions with direct relation to the military operation of the USA in Afghanistan.

Further, the USA realizes quite well the fact that the attempts of the Russian leadership to use the changing international situation for the justification of the numerous and continuing brutal war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Russian state on the territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya are unfounded.

The US Congress and State Department completely realize that the fight of the Chechen nation for its inherent rights and freedoms has nothing in common with the situation in Afghanistan, and that the Russian-Chechen conflict only can be solved by political negotiations between the two sides. The USA are disappointed by Russia's non-fulfillment of their numerous promises to begin a process of political negotiations, and they voice their deep concern about the continuous Russian acts of mass robbery, terror and killing of civilian citizens of Chechnya.

In the light of the continuing failure of the Russian leadership to heed to the principles and values of the civilized world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI received understanding from the US side about the necessity of an increasing political and diplomatic pressure on Russia at all levels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ChRI hopes for the adoption by the United States of America and other democratic states in the international community of measures of pressure for a stop of the war in Chechnya and the start of real Russian-Chechen peace negotiations.

[unauthorized translation by Norbert Strade]


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