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Suicide as a tool of political assassination – four theses

By Harun Sidorov, chairman of the National Organization of Russian Muslims, special to Prague Watchdog

1. The threadbare nature of attempts to justify suicide bombings and other types of self-killing by describing them as "martyrdom operations” (istishhad), is obvious to anyone who is capable of making the slightest intellectual effort in the analysis of the tenets of Shariah law. The prohibition of suicide is clear and unambiguous. Also, the seemingly analogous precedents that have been approved by authoritative Muslim scholars and rulers are misleading, and cannot be used to justify suicide bombing.

It is plain to any thinking person that there is a fundamental difference between those military operations in which a Muslim engages the superior forces of the enemy in battle and deprives himself of the possibility of retreat, and those in which he brings about his own death by his own immediate actions. In the first case, the warrior leaves the outcome of the battle to the discretion of Allah, who gives life and sends death. in the second case, he assigns the prerogative of taking his own life to himself by committing suicide, which is expressly forbidden.

2. It is most important to understand that in the Islamic world the use of suicide as a military tactic has always been and still is a characteristic mark of Shiite ideology and Shiite influence on the processes in which they are used. This was true in the time of the Ismailite assassins when they first began to be used as a tool of plotting and terror by that Shiite sect. It was also true in the twentieth century, when the tactic of suicide bombing first began to be practiced in Israel under the direct influence of the Khomeini revolution in Iran, and was later exported to other parts of the Islamic world by the emissaries of the "Muslim Brothers", who later evolved into the Jihadists.

Even today, despite the fact that the Jihadists who have followed the Palestinian Ihvan in using the “conveyor belt” method of suicide bombing claim to be "Salafists” and vocally oppose what they call “Shiite propaganda”, the true nature of their policy is all too obvious. Is it really possible, for example, that the Iranian secret services do not know that one of the channels for the transfer of volunteers to the camps that train suicide bombers in Afghanistan is Shiite Iran? Of course not. Then why do they allow it, if according the statements of both sides Al-Qaida is the enemy of Shiite Iran?

3. The sole political purpose of jihad (without which it cannot exist) is the exaltation of the Word of Allah. The Word of Allah is din, Islam, and din is mu`amalat, that is, social relations, a certain social pattern. The fact that the old “political pedophiles”, as they are called by our Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi, are stupefying Muslim youth and turning the flower and hope of the Ummah into a generation of suicides, proves if anything does that these people do not bear the image of an Islamic future within them, nor any social pattern that could be implemented in reality. This explains why the era of terror and suicides, the cultivation of nihilism and political necrophilia, is also the era of endless defeats for the Muslims.

In not one single place where such forces have managed to achieve even temporary military success have they been able to create an effective model of Islamic society that would be attractive not only to non-Muslims but also to Muslims themselves. It is also very revealing in this connection that actions of this kind increasingly turn against the Muslims, including peaceful civilian populations, by acquiring the character of a permanent civil war.

4. The theory and practice of political assassination that calls itself "political Islam" was and continues to be a tool in the hands of the world cryptocracy and is an integral part of it. It is interesting that the Ismailites, who began as "Islamic terrorists" of a sort, arrived naturally at the creation of their own esoteric religion, which rejected Shariah. And in our own time there can be no doubt that the industry of suicide bombing, political necrophilia and nihilism that is being cultivated by the instigators of geopolitical chaos in different parts of the world will lead not to the restoration of the Dar al-Islam with the Caliphate as its core, but to the implementation of the classic Masonic slogan “order through chaos” – an order which, needless to say, will not be an Islamic one.


(Translation by DM)


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