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IN ENGLISH Chechnya in diaspora
 June 26th 2008 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Today about 20 per cent of the Chechens who fled their homeland in search of a more secure existence are in prison cells, Ramzan Ampukayev claims.
IN ENGLISH Fight at Grozny TAC between displaced persons and officials
 January 24th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Umalt Chadayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Last night a fight took place between internally displaced persons and district administration officials at the TAC on Tchaikovsky Street.
IN ENGLISH Chechnya is suffering from a lack of jobs
 January 13th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
In order to feed their families, most of the male population have to engage in types of work they have never done before.
IN ENGLISH Ingush resident nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
 November 2nd 2007 Prague Watchdog / Umalt Chadayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
A committee has been formed in Nazran to promote the nomination of local concilliator and peacemaker Magomed Aushev for the Nobel Peace Prize.
IN ENGLISH Chechnya prepares for the end of Ramadan
 October 9th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Chechnya's Muftiate says that the exact date of the ending of Ramadan in the republic will not be announced until the evening of Wednesday October 10.
IN ENGLISH Spread of AIDS reaching threatening levels in Chechnya
 October 3rd 2007 Prague Watchdog / Umalt Chadayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Official approval has been granted to a nation-wide program bearing the title “Urgent measures to prevent the spread of disease caused by human immunodeficiency for the period 2008-2012."
IN ENGLISH Ex-members of famous Chechen women's vocal group seek asylum in Finland
 August 7th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Tomas Vrsovsky · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Six recent members of the renowned Chechen women's vocal group „Zhovkhar“ and their families have recently applied for refugee status in Finland.
IN ENGLISH Chechen children's summer holidays
 August 6th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The free time Chechen children have during the summer holidays doesn’t differ much from the free time enjoyed by their peers in other regions of Russia, except for a lack of choice in the matter of how to spend the three months of vacation.
IN ENGLISH Two female suicides in Grozny
 July 3rd 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
In Islam, suicide is considered a major sin. The person’s relatives carry out a thorough investigation of their own in order to find out what drove him or her to this sin.
IN ENGLISH War still affecting psychological condition of Chechnya's children
 June 2nd 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The children's parents try to make up for time that was lost because of the war and put all their effort into earning money for the family. In pursuit of material goods they deprive their children of simple parental attention.
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IN ENGLISH Ingush authorities impose ban on popular Chechen singer’s music
 September 16th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
All music and video sellers have been prohibited to sell or play the music of Timur Mutsurayev. And anyone found ignoring the ban faces a fine of 300 rubles and their equipment confiscated.
IN ENGLISH WHO brings new TB campaign to Chechnya
 July 9th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Timur Aliyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Up to now, WHO’s efforts to combat TB in North Caucasus have been targeted solely at the Chechen refugees residing in Ingushetia.
IN ENGLISH Over 500 refugees left Ingushetia for Chechnya last week
 June 1st 2003 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Many refugees leave their families in Ingushetia and head for home just to assemble all the documents that are required for the payment of compensation for homes lost during military operations in Chechnya.
IN ENGLISH Refugees in no hurry to leave Ingushetia for Chechnya
 May 15th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Timur Aliyev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Tsugayev attributed the slow-paced repatriation to insufficient accommodations in Grozny and failing to compensate the private sector for leasing the dwellings for those who have already returned.
IN ENGLISH Military operations greatly alter Chechen mountain life
 May 4th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
People used to concentrate on farming, raising animals, and hunting. Since the start of the second war, all this has dramatically fallen off.
IN ENGLISH Chechnya’s traditional spring harvest of long-rooted garlic becomes dangerous
 April 6th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Chechen woods are replete with various types of mines, as well as Russian soldiers, so that running into them can often lead to similar consequences.
IN ENGLISH Grozny citizens sympathize with Iraqis forced to live underground in Baghdad
 April 4th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Baghdad and Grozny have much in common. The capital of Iraq is headed toward a long and severe hardship, not unlike what Grozny experienced, some Chechens say.
IN ENGLISH Before the War I Had Toys
 March 25th 2003 Iva Zimova
Accounts of children from Grozny
IN ENGLISH Chechen refugees in Azerbaijan
 March 4th 2003 Prague Watchdog / Salman Musayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Initially, they did not encounter problems in Azerbaijan. However, now they have only one possibility left - to return to Chechnya, at their own risk.
IN ENGLISH The Mental Scars of Chechnya's Children
 February 6th 2003 IWPR / Asiyat Vazayeva · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Psychologists are discovering that a whole generation of Chechen children is showing symptoms of trauma.
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IN ENGLISH A man in the right place (weekly review)
 March 17th 2009 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
When Abu Sugaipov assumed the stewardship of Chechnya's public utilities, people called him a “kamikaze”.
IN ENGLISH Compensation and rebuilding in Chechnya
 September 8th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Even assuming that people will receive the money that is legally owed to them in full, it will fall far short of helping them to recoup the damage caused by war.
IN ENGLISH The “hospital business” in Chechnya
 March 11th 2008 Prague Watchdog / Ramzan Akhmadov · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Patients in Chechen hospitals have to pay healthcare workers for their services, despite the fact that officially medical treatment is free.
IN ENGLISH Education in Chechnya disrupted
 January 22nd 2008 Prague Watchdog / Umalt Chadayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Instruction at a number of Chechen schools has been significantly curtailed as the classrooms are too cold.
IN ENGLISH ICRC to cease distribution of food aid in Chechnya
 October 26th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The decision to terminate the food aid was taken by the ICRC on the grounds that the situation in Chechnya country has returned to normal and that therefore such support is no longer required.
IN ENGLISH Scepticism greets newly-introduced "housing certificates" in Chechnya
 October 5th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
The authorities have announced the introduction of so-called “housing certificates”, which will be distributed to families who have lost all their accommodation.
IN ENGLISH More than 20 held on charges of receiving unlawful payments
 October 4th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
More than twenty people are being held at a remand prison in Grozny on charges of fraud concerning compensation payments and obtaining money under false pretences. Almost half are women.
IN ENGLISH Wolves go on offensive in Chechnya
 September 25th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
In Chechnya this year there have been several reports of wolves appearing near populated areas. At night they lose their fear and find their way into hen-houses and sheds, inflicting losses on livestock owners.
IN ENGLISH Prices go up again in Chechnya
 August 29th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Umalt Chadayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
People are noticing increases in the price of food, motor transport services and construction materials.
IN ENGLISH Rain hits Chechnya
 June 4th 2007 Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 
Heavy rains in the mountain districts of Chechnya have created a threat of flooding. In Grozny, there were huge traffic jams because of enormous puddles.
IN ENGLISH Mini-surveys conducted by the Caucasus Times in the Northern Caucasus
 February 27th 2006 Prague Watchdog · ALSO AVAILABLE IN: RUSSIAN 

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